• Affordability

    Making life in Ontario more affordable.

  • Care

    Helping everyone get the care they need.

  • Opportunity

    Creating more opportunities that benefit all Ontarians.

What you need to know

We've identified four key projects that will help people afford the care they need:

  • Free prescription drugs for seniors
  • Better mental health care
  • Free preschool child care
  • Shorter wait times for care

Other top projects include:


Our seniors want to lead active and healthy lives. As the number of seniors in Ontario grows, we're caring for them by improving and expanding vital services.

We're caring for seniors by:

Learn how we're caring for Ontario's seniors

Child care

Many parents today are trying to balance family and career challenges. We're helping families by making it easier to access good and affordable child care.

We're helping with child care by:

Learn how we're providing better care for children

Health care

To help people get the treatment they need, we're lowering drug and dental costs and investing in hospitals, home care and health care workers.

We're making health care faster and better by:

Learn how we're providing faster, better access to health care

Mental health

One in three Ontarians over the age of 15 will struggle with mental health or a substance abuse challenge. We want them to get the quality care and supports they need. That's why we're investing more than $17 billion in mental health and addictions services over the next four years.

We're building a stronger mental health system by:

Income security

Ontario is at its best when all members of society contribute to the economic well-being of the community. That's why we're working to improve income security so all Ontarians have the chance to live a stable and secure life.

We're strengthening income security by:

Indigenous communities

Ontario is building partnerships with Indigenous peoples to properly share the wealth and success of our province. We'll work with First Nation, Métis, Inuit and urban Indigenous peoples to design better programs and deliver better care.

We're building these partnerships by:


People need good jobs that provide stability and a path to shared opportunity for all Ontarians.

We're boosting employment by:

Learn how we're creating good jobs

Gender equality

Women's equal participation in the economy is good for business and society, with the potential to add $60 billion to our GDP by 2026.

We're empowering women by:


Our public schools help all students succeed, while colleges and universities provide our economy with a highly skilled workforce.

We're improving education by:


As a national leader in innovation, we're investing to support the people and programs that advance our cities and our rural and northern communities.

We're promoting innovation by:

Consumer protection

Pensions, financial services and insurance require important protections for Ontarians and their money. We're updating laws to make sure consumers are safe and informed.

We're protecting consumers by:

Funding your ideas

In January 2018, the public cast 12,831 votes to choose which of the 13 Budget Talks ideas would be funded in the 2018 Budget. Here are the five selected ideas:

Updated: April 11, 2019
Published: March 28, 2018