Building Ontario

The government is investing in new roads and highways, while supporting the largest transit expansion in North America. It is continuing to rebuild Ontario’s economy by attracting domestic and international manufacturing investments, expanding the province’s electricity capacity, supporting innovation and helping small businesses thrive.

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Working for You

As Ontario continues its plan to rebuild the economy, the province remains committed to investing in workers and key public services, without raising taxes or fees. From housing to postsecondary education to transportation, the government is helping keep costs down for essentials for Ontario families while making the province a more affordable and competitive place to live and work.

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Economic and Fiscal Overview

Like the rest of the world, Ontario continues to face economic challenges and uncertainty. Nevertheless, Ontario’s economy has demonstrated continued resiliency in the face of ongoing economic pressures. By taking a responsible approach to fiscal management without raising taxes on families or offloading costs on municipalities, the government is making progress on its plan to rebuild Ontario’s economy.

Backgrounder: Economic and Fiscal Overview

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