Rebuilding Ontario’s Economy

The government has a plan that will help bring better jobs across the province as critical minerals in the North help drive battery and hybrid electric vehicle manufacturing in Ontario.

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Automotive factory assembly line

Working for Workers

The government has a plan for making Ontario’s workers among the most highly skilled and best supported in the world. The government is working for workers to support better jobs and bigger paycheques.

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Skilled tradesperson operating a hand drill

Building Highways and Key Infrastructure

The government has a plan to get shovels in the ground for more highways, transit and key infrastructure to fight gridlock, boost the economy and create jobs.

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Backgrounder: A Capital Plan for Building Ontario

Workers and materials involved in construction along Highway 69

Keeping Costs Down

The government has a plan to help keep costs down by increasing the housing supply, making it less expensive to drive or take transit, and providing relief on everyday expenses from child care costs to taxes.

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A Plan to Stay Open

The government has a plan to build the health care workforce, shore up domestic production of critical supplies, and build more hospitals and long-term care homes. These measures will expand the capacity of the health care system and ensure the people of Ontario can access care when and where they need it.

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Female medical professional talking to elderly female patient in her home

Economic and Fiscal Overview

The 2022 Budget includes a plan to invest responsibly, with significant investments in health care, education and critical infrastructure.

Backgrounder: Economic and Fiscal Overview

Male worker at a brewery production line in Ontario community
Updated: April 28, 2022
Published: April 28, 2022